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Noodle shop by Soi Sukhumvit-50

Although Noodles are common in street food settings throughout Asia, Southeast Asia has something unique to offer.

In Thailand, most varieties of noodles are generally soup-based unlike the dry noodles (Dan Dan Mein Noodles) found in some parts of China.

A typical noodle shop in Thailand servers pork, beef, and fish balls. It is relatively easy to find a pork noodle shop. But there are few places that serve a good beef noodle, the magic for a beef noodle is always in the broth, which usually takes a long-simmering.

Today I will talk about one of the noodle place which is right around my house in Sukhumvit 50 road.

Its located 500 meters from On nut BTS station near soi sawadishi. The shop is a small open-air stall but offers a quite spacious sitting area as it is under the Sirirat Expressway, it also provides a natural shade. No matter what time of the year you go especially in the summer it is fun to eat some noodles without much of a sweat.

The shop sells both pork and beef noodles. They serve rice noodles of different choices flat ones (Sen Yay), Medium ones(Sen Lek), and thin one (Sen mee), The noodle vendor certainly asks you about the type of noodle you want. Choice of noodles also brings a change of taste to the noodle as well. One more thing to remember is that you also have an option to add blood(blanched in the soup), which gives it a slightly metallic taste.

The noodles are served with condiments (Add-on Fish sauce, Sour vinegar, chili flakes, sugar, and ground peanut)and with a side of fresh herbs consisting of bean sprouts, sawtooth coriander, Thai basil, and fresh chillis.

Even if the magic lies in the broth of the noodle you also have the opportunity to customize the taste based on your preference by adding a different portion of fish sauce, sugar, sour vinegar, and chillis.

I can bet once the noodle leaves the chef station the taste of each bowl is different and unique.

The cost of noodles can vary from 50 - 60 B($1.5-1.8 $ ) based on the size of the bowl..

For me, most Saturdays are the noodle days, I will leave a video of the place, hope you guys like the taste of the noodle at the shop. Keep eating !!

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