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Lunch time rush

Today I will be talking about my lunch place.

For the working people, it is the most important meal to get them going throughout the day.

Typically, lunchtime starts around 11:30 AM till 1:30 PM in the afternoon. It is very common to find eateries around office complexes that suddenly pop in during lunch hours and almost disappear by 2-3 PM in the afternoon.

Those eateries really get crowded and yes follow the crowd, the more crowd you see in a stall the better the taste and quality.

To beat the rush hour some people do choose to have an early lunch and pack snacks and small meals to survive the day. Most of the working people would like to have a fairly filling and economical lunch (not over 1.8 $) however its not uncommon on the starting/end of the month (Salary Days)people spending about 4-5$ for lunch with friends and colleagues.

In my opinion 1-1.5 $ for lunch will buy you a filling and tasty meal.

My office is near the busy district of Ploenchit. There is a canal (Klong Sen Sep)that runs through the busy districts and my lunch place is just beside that ..we lovingly call it the riverfront restaurant, although it does not even have a name. A few years before this place did not even exist on google maps, however, I managed to update it on google so that, people would know about this amazing home eatery.

The shop is run by an old couple. They are active from 11:00 AM close by 2:00 PM in the afternoon. The alley is turned into a dining area with a couple of folding tables, plastic chairs, and a couple of beach umbrellas to keep the sun away.

The food is hot, fresh, and homely like a mom makes for their children. Although many shops have a similar setup, you get used to the taste and you just stick to it and most importantly you develop a relationship and they know what you want to eat, what kind of food you like.

There is no menu though, you just look at the vegetables/ ingredients that she has for the day and you just order. Thai food is fast, mostly with the stir-fries topped with Omlette will definitely make you full till night supper. Apart from the stir-fries, there are options of various soups, I do enjoy a big bowl of Tom Yum seafood on Friday afternoon.

I have been eating in this place for over 3 years now, during COVID, yes she had to close down for some time but as soon as the relaxation is over she springs into action.

Some of my personal favorites in the shop are Stir-fry minced pork with kale or any veggies, Chicken fried rice, Pork with string bean with red curry paste (Prikeng Moo), and sweet and sour pork sausage with rice.

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