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Crispy Thai Fried Chicken

Yes, Fried Chicken, Who does not love them.

You could certainly find tons of street food shops selling them.

These not only go down as a snack but are also equally satisfying as a meal with a pack of sticky rice. It is a go-to food for many workers in the construction industry. So no surprise most of the popular fried chicken shops are near construction sites.

The style of Fried Chicken which is famous is in Thailand is called the "Hat-Yai Fried chicken". This type of the fried chicken is marinated in a spicy batter of garlic, black and white pepper, crushed coriander seeds, chili powders, and buttermilk.

Generally double-fried before you order your piece of chicken for that extra golden crunch and topped with fried shallots.

These shallots add an amazing savory sweetness with a spicy sauce on the side.

However, each part of Thailand has its slightly altered version based on the spices. In the south, people love their spices so you see a distinct taste of coriander, pepper, and other spices but in central, and northeastern people usually do not prefer a lot of spices.

So some of the flavors are milder, with the main taste from the chicken.

It is also usual in the North and Northeast of Thailand to couple fried chicken with spicy somtum (Papaya/Cucumber Salads). So in Bangkok often you would find these shops selling together.

in 15-30 ฿(0.45$-0.90$) you can get yourself a piece wing, drumstick, or a chicken breast. So next time you are around give it a try, It will be worth it.

I am not mentioning my favorite for this post, because all Fried Chicken always tastes great.

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